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Our story

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At VanderHeide Motorcycles we believe life is too short to be ordinary.
We like challenges. Get the best out of ourselves. And we aspire to make a difference.
So when they said it was impossible to reinvent the motorcycle, we did.
They said it was impossible to make it work. We did.
They said it was impossible to make it look good. We did even better.


The Gentleman’s Racer

Rolf van der Heide: “as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of creating my own motorcycle.
I have been involved with various companies, like Dutch supercar brand Spyker, and Dutch car brand Carver.
I felt inspired by the way these companies consistently step out of their comfort zones to ensure innovation.
And, as an engineer, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of carbon fiber composites.
Five years ago, I decided to combine my knowledge and experience and dedicate my life to realizing my dream.”

In 2011, Rolf van der Heide was joined by his brother Sjors van der Heide.
Together they composed a team to create a ‘Gentleman’s Racer’.
Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink did the styling.

In June 2016 we have introduced the very first VanderHeide at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.
Some press quotes:
“We doubt you will see a more unique motorcycle, for many years to come.” – Asphalt & Rubber
“This carbon fiber dream machine is breaking all the rules” – Motorcyclist Magazine
“VanderHeide’s carbon wonder” – Motorrad International
“A breathtaking mix of metal and carbon fibre monocoque chassis”  – Motorcycle News


Dream it. Ride it.

VanderHeide Motorcycles limited-production motorcycles feature:
a 100% carbon fiber monocoque chassis,
a 100% carbon fiber swingarm,
a 100% carbon fiber front end,
our patent pending revolutionary in-house developed suspension system,
and are entirely tailor-made to your needs.

To our knowledge, this is the first street legal carbon fiber motorcycle ever.
Please contact us for more information.